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【News】NorSIF hereby invites China SIF's members and contacts to a webinar

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Update time : 2023-02-20 11:03:04

NorSIF hereby invites China SIF's members and contacts to a webinar

Tuesday 28 February at 04:00-05:30 pm Beijing time (UTC+8)

(09:00-10:30 am UTC+1)


We in NorSIF would like to present to the Chinese audience how investors in Norway work with different aspects of ESG and hope you would like to join us for presentations and discussions.

In this webinar, we have invited three Norwegian investors that will share views on how they approach responsible and sustainable investment.

KLP is Norway's largest private pension fund, and a frontrunner with regards to direct investment in clean energy project in developing countries.

NBIM manages the common wealth of petroleum income for the Norwegian people, and is one of the largest investors in the world. They are well-known for a structured and professional approach to sustainability and will share their views on this work.

Finally, Grieg Investor, Norway's leading independent investment advisory, will address the issue of climate change and net zero portfolio taking a concrete perspective: How do we analyse portfolios in practice?




Short introduction and welcome


Approach to investment into clean energy projects in developing countries

 – Eric Nasby, Investment Analyst at KLP


Our main ESG engagement and ownership priorities

– Caroline Eriksen, Head of Social Initiatives and Eivind Fliflet, Head of Environmental Initiatives at Norges Bank Investment Management


View and approach on aligning investment portfolios with net zero targets

– Lars Erik Mangset, Head of Sustainable Finance at Grieg Investor


How to Register


We will send a webinar link to all registered the day before the webinar.

Please scan the QR code or click here to register.