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2022 China SIF Summer Summit is Coming!

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Update time : 2022-06-29 10:42:59
Green finance is seen to assume a much broader connotation as the market grows rapidly in recent years and the green financial system continues to evolve. In the past, green finance was more focused on providing financial support to green projects such as new energy and green buildings. Nowadays, green finance is also expected to fund the transition from fossil energy and stock assets such as traditional buildings to green and low-carbon assets. As such, financial support towards the foregoing transition goals could serve as a powerful incentive to drive the "dual control target" for energy consumption to be shifted to a "dual control target" for the overall carbon emissions and carbon intensity, thereby contributing to the quality development of China's economy. China SIF Summer Summit in 2022 will theme around the development of transition finance, exploring the opportunities and challenges of developing transition finance in China in terms of policy drivers, incentive mechanisms, product innovation and financial instruments.

2022 China SIF Summer Summit

Time: 14:00-18:00(GMT+8), July 12, 2022   

Format: Live streaming

Theme: Building a Transition Finance System

Host: SynTao Green Finance

Co-Host: Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC)

Strategic Partners: Moody's, AXA SPDB Investment Managers


Opening Remarks



Keynote Speeches

  • Orderly Transition to Support the Carbon Targets

  • Building China's Transition Finance System

  • Basic Principles of Transition Finance

  • Transition Finance's Information Disclosure Framework



Release of Reports and Research

  • Analysis of China A-Share ESG Ratings 2022

  • Climate Risk Stress Testing for Financial Institutions



Panel Discussion I:

Financing Low-Carbon Transition

Transition finance is not only of great significance to low-carbon economy, it also has a huge market potential. Over the past few years, a number of innovative transition financial products, such as sustainability-linked bonds, have emerged in both domestic and international markets. This panel will review status quo of the market, analyze the characteristics and explore the prospects of transition finance products.



Panel Discussion II: 

High Quality Transition

Moving from high carbon to low carbon is a gradual process which has to be implemented step by step. To ensure high quality transition, we need indicators, analyses and disclosure. This panel will explore the methodology to measure the impact of transition finance products, disclosure framework requirements, and the application of carbon-related information disclosure in scenario analysis and stress testing.


Closing Remarks


Tel.:       +86 138 0124 5177
Add.:      Floor 20, Tower C, Vantone Center, A6 Chaowai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 10020, China


Dr. GUO Peiyuan
Chairman of China SIF; Chairman of SynTao Green Finance
WANG Zhongmin
Former Vice Chairman of National Council for Social Security Fund; the Honorary Chairman of China SIF

Dr. CHAO Qingchen
Director, National Climate Center
Dr. CHEN Daofu
Deputy Director, Institute of Finance, DRC
Regional Director, GFANZ APAC Network
Grace GUAN
Secretary General of China SIF; Executive Vice President of SynTao Green Finance
YU Hua
Former Chairman, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Management Company; Member of China SIF Board of Directors
JI Bing
General Manager, Blackrock CCB Wealth Management
YANG Yuebin
Fund Manager of Equity Investment in AXA SPDB Asset Managers
Head of APAC Policy, PRI
YU Jiantuo
Deputy Secretary General, China Development Research Foundation
LIU Xiaowei
Director, Special Projects Asia, World Energy Council
ZHU Ling
Country Lead of Capital Markets, CDP China
Raymond ZHANG
CEO of SynTao Green Finance; Member of China SIF Board of Directors
More speakers to be confirmed.



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Since the establishment, China SIF has held 9 Annual Conferences, 5 Summer Summits, 5 China SIF Weeks, and a series of featured seminars and webinars, convening the key stakeholders in sustainable investment space, such as policymakers, institutional investors, financial practitioners, listed companies, service providers, experts and researchers as well as international organizations to share their insights and good practice.

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