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Upload time:2021 - Nov

Green Investment Handbook launched on the Third China SIF Annual Conference

 Beijing, 11th November– the UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB) launched its Chinese version of the Green Investment Handbook on the third China Social Investment Forum (China SIF) Annual Conference “Green Finance and Sustainable Stock Exchange” on November 10, 2015. Mr. Jiao Xiaoping, Deputy Director General of China Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Fund and Mr. Gavin Templeton, the Head of Sustainable Finance at GIB, together announced the Chinese version of the Handbook.

 As a practical tool, the handbook is used by GIB on a daily basis to assess, monitor and report the green impact of its investments and the Chinese version of the handbook is also one of the policy outcomes for the UK-China 7th Economic and Financial Dialogue.

 The 100 page handbook includes a series of guidelines, checklists and templates, from guidance on due diligence and how GIB assesses risk, to reporting frameworks and details of how GIB gives context to its green impact calculations.

 GIB aims to encourage a discussion across the investment community about how investments can be de-risked and further capital can be crowded in to accelerate the transition to a greener economy.

 Gavin Templeton, Head of Sustainable Finance at the GIB: “One of the questions most asked of us is ‘how we do green’ at the Green Investment Bank – the handbook answers that. This is our manual, setting out and explaining the practical tools we use day-in, day-out. I hope it will make a significant contribution to the wider movement to improve the standardisation of green impact assessment across the investment community.”

 Jiao Xiaoping, Deputy Director General of the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund said “Responding to climate change has been a core part of the CDM Fund and as such I am pleased we are working with the UK Green Investment Bank. Their handbook on green investing is comprehensive yet still an immensely practical guide. It will help to contribute to the low carbon development in China and we are delighted to be promoting it together with the GIB for the Chinese financial institutions.”

 SynTao Green Finance and China Clean Development Mechanism Fund both contributed to the translation of Green Investment Handbook. Green Investment Handbook is free of charge, and other institutions can take the handbook as a reference when managing environmental risks and benefits. On November 11, the Green Investment Bank conducted a training course to three consultancies including SynTao Green Finance, Ramboll Environ and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, aiming to better help Chinese financial institutions to implement environmental risk control and environmental impact assessment.