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Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment in China 2020

Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment in China 2020

Upload time:2021 - Nov
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The concept of responsible investment, in a broad sense, including green finance, ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and impact investment, is increasingly recognized and accepted by Chinese financial institutions. As an early advocate and pioneer of responsible investment in China, SynTao Green Finance(STGF) and China Social Investment Forum (China SIF) jointly released the “2020 Top Ten Responsible Investment Trends in China”, which aims to facilitate various stakeholders to keep up with the latest development, gain insights, and formulate strategies on the responsible investment in China.


1. Climate Change Becoming an Important Issue for the Financial Industry

2. ESG Information Disclosure Becoming More Material

3. ESG Investment Products Being More Diversified with Improving Recognition among Investors

4. ESG Factors Incorporated into Fixed Income Investments

5. Further Development of ESG Investment in the Primary Market

6. Appearing of SDGs-themed Financial Products

7. ESG Promoting the Two-way Opening-up of China’s Capital Market

8. Local Green Finance Developing from Pilots to New Normal

9. Further Improvement of the Environment and Social Risk Management in the Banks’ Overseas Operations

10. Mutual Promotion of Fintech and Green Finance