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Webinar | 2022 China Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment

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2022 China Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment (English)



16:00-17:00, Mar. 24th (GMT+8:00)



SynTao Green Finance   China SIF


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Sina Finance

Global attention to climate change keeps rising and climate action is accelerating in the post-pandemic Era. The COP26 in 2021 has highlighted "finance" as a key discussion topic for the first time. As of COP26, there are about 500 financial institutions worldwide have joined the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), and committed to aligning their investment and financing activities with the Paris Agreement's goal to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and achieving portfolio-level carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner. China furthered its "dual carbon" goals at the sectoral and regional levels in 2021, which has drawn extensive attention on how Chinese financial institutions and companies are addressing climate change.

In terms of responsible investment, asset owners demonstrated clear gesture to support ESG. The National Social Security Foundation of China has included ESG requirements during the process of selecting and appointing overseas external managers in 2020. China Investment Corporation has released its Sustainable Investment Policy, which specifies the principles to be followed in investment management. Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are also gradually building up their ESG investment policies and capabilities. Looking around the world, market expectations for the ESG investing capability, overall speaking, have risen in every financial sector. More developed markets have put much focus on the internal ESG governance of asset managers, who are required to increase transparency on how they integrate ESG in their investments and how to prevent greenwashing. The EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) exemplifies this trend.

China Social Investment Forum (China SIF) and SynTao Green Finance have jointly developed and published "Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment in China" since 2019, to facilitate market players to shape their strategies.  The webinar featured "2022 Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment in China" is to be held at 4pm (GMT+8) on March 24. You are welcomed to join Dr. Guo and our distinguished speakers in sharing the in-depth interpretation of development trends of responsible investment in China.


Top 10 Trends

  • Trend 1: Carbon Targets Lead the Development of ESG and Green Finance

  • Trend 2: Policies Drive Green Asset Allocation by Financial Institutions

  • Trend 3: ESG and Green Finance Products to Experience Substantial Growth

  • Trend 4: Insurance Assets Accelerate Embracing ESG Investment

  • Trend 5: EU-China Common Ground Taxonomy Promotes Opening of Green Bond Market

  • Trend 6: China Active Involvement in International Cooperation

  • Trend 7: Demands for ESG Professionals and Trainings Surge Rapidly

  • Trend 8: Regulators and Investors Pay Close Attention to Greenwashing

  • Trend 9: Financial Institutions' Attempt at Environmental Information Disclosure and Stress Testing

  • Trend 10: ESG Disclosure of Listed Companies is Steadily Advancing





Briefing on the Rapid Development of Responsible Investment



Insightful Interpretation of the Top 10 Trends



Guest Speaker: An International Perspective on the Top 10 Trends in Responsible Investment







Dr. GUO Peiyuan

Chairman of China SIF and SynTao Green Finance


Dr. GUO Peiyuan, who holds a Ph.D. in Management from Tsinghua University, is Chairman of China SIF and SynTao Green Finance. Dr. GUO also serves as committee member of China Green Finance Committee, China Green Securities Committee, and advises UNEP FI's work in China.


Guan Rui (Grace)

Secretary-General of China SIF

Executive VP of SynTao Green Finance

UNEP FI Tutor for Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) course


Ms. Guan acquired nearly 20 years' financial industry experiences, including serving at Deutsche Bank, Zhongde Securities, and PE fund. In recent years, she has devoted herself to research and practice in the field of sustainable finance and responsible. Ms. Guan holds an MBA degree, as well as a PhD degree in Population, Resources and Environmental Economics.


Simon O'Connor

Chair of Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, CEO

Responsible Investment Association Australasia


As CEO of RIAA, Simon works with RIAA's 450+ member organisations who jointly manage over $40 trillion in assets globally with the goal of delivering on RIAA's mission of promoting, advocating for, and supporting approaches to responsible investment that align capital with achieving a healthy and sustainable society, environment and economy.


Simon is active across the region and internationally in responsible investment and sustainable finance initiatives. He sits as an advisory member to the Australian Sustainable Finance Institute, working group member of the New Zealand Toitū Tahua, Centre For Sustainable Finance, as well as a member of the National Advisory Board on Impact Investing in New Zealand.





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